Title IX discussion at AAPA

As part of the #AAPAforward discussion, a panel session on Title IX was put together to help us understand the role it plays.


  1. Standard disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer
  2. Some background on Title IX
  3. You can use the above link to learn more about Title IX. Did you know that every school that receives federal funding (which includes not just almost every college & university, but public elementary, middle and secondary schools) has a Title IX Coordinator? Find out who it is at your institution
  4. Dr. Trudy Turner of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has been a leader on ethics in anthropology. She received the AAPA’s Gabriel W. Lasker Award for Distinguished Service in 2014.
  5. (Over the years, i've gotten pretty good at IDing anthropologists by the backs of their heads....)
  6. here is the 'Dear Colleague" letter if you want to read it yourself
  7. If you haven't seen The Hunting Ground, it is a very powerful film: