Tweets and comments from the First Annual Presidential Panel-Working Together to Change the Future: A dialogue on harassment in biological anthropology


  1. some background from the AAPA:
  2. "To foster a community of inclusion and respect in which we can focus all of our attention on our science, the AAPA Executive and other committees have developed a number of resources, initiatives, and new programming. Following an open letter from the President and Past-President in April, 2015, in September we instituted a registration statement of Ethical Conduct during the AAPA Annual Meeting. This statement affirms each registrant’s commitment to follow the AAPA Code of Ethics while attending the Annual Meeting. (The above statements can be found at  http://physanth.org/about/position-statements/aapa-code-ethics-sexual-harrassment/sexual-and-other-harassment/ ). In November, the AAPA Executive Committee endorsed a Statement on Sexual Harassment and Assault (physanth.org/news/631/) that represented two years of work by the Ethics Committee and which covers inappropriate behavior across a variety of spaces. The statement has since become the template for one endorsed by the Paleoanthropology Society. The statement expands on the AAPA Code of Ethics ( http://physanth.org/about/position-statements/ ), which all members should read and are expected to adhere. Additional resources can be found at ( http://physanth.org/about/position-statements/aapa-code-ethics-sexual-harrassment/ethics-resources/ ). And, all field schools advertising on the AAPA website must now provide a link to their own sexual harassment statement."
  3. The AAPA sent up a website for which people could submit questions ahead of time that the panel could use
  4. In case you missed it, some of the conversation is based upon Michael Balter's Story in Science
  5. The panel was introduced by Susan Antón (NYU) and moderated by Agustin Fuentes (Notre Dame). Panelists were Steven Leigh (CU-Boulder), Robin Nelson (Skidmore), Sue Sheridan (Notre Dame), Michelle Bezanson (Santa Clara University), and Leslie Aiello (Wenner Gren).
  6. The facebook group Bioathropology News (always an excellent source for news and commentary) was in the room to spread the message (thanks to Jamie for live tweeting from this account). Plus, many other members were actively discussing the panel on social media, which makes my job of putting this all together so much easier.
  7. They had to eventually bring in more seats
  8. Dr. Susan Antón, the president of the AAPA and all around great person, opened the panel up.
  9. Panel moderated by Dr. Agustin Fuentes of Notre Dame
  10. First Panelist was Dr. Steven Leigh of CU-Boulder
  11. Do you know who the Title IX Coordinator:is for your institution? you can find out here