Elmira Maple Syrup Festival April 1st 2017

Our day trip from Toronto to the countryside, discovering Elmira Maple Syrup Festival and the beautiful surroundings


  1. The day starts with a nice surprise from the rental company... I realise I booked a super-duper car: my son is euphoric about the red big sporty car we will have for the day!
  2. Meanwhile in Elmira... things are starting to warm up...
  3. After an hour and a half drive and quite a lot of traffic outside Elmira, we find what in Italy we would call a "creative parking spot" for our red car and we immediately head to the pancake tent: we are starving!
  4. After a well deserved pancake with excellent maple syrup, we hit the main road of Elmira together with... a BIG crowd!
  5. Hey! The official Twitter account of the festival is re-tweeting me! I'm famous! :)
  6. 570Traffic is ON THE CASE!
  7. And here's the Producer of the Year: they all want to buy some Maple Syrup here!
  8. Street food everywhere and some live-tweeting chat with the other "street eaters" of the Festival...
  9. Wow, we didn't really expect this to be SO BUSY...
  10. Unfortunately we missed the Pancake Flipping contest, but somebody else was there:
  11. And here's some nice pics of the festival from somebody who didn't have to push a stroller with a 8-months-old while trying not to lose a very excited 3-years-old...