People react to no Saturday mail delivery

The postal service recently announced it is planning to discontinue mail service on Saturdays. We asked Free Press Facebook fans what they thought and how it might impact them.

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  1. I would highly recommend contacting the Postal Unions regarding this story. There are several: Letter Carrier Union, mail handler union, etc.
  2. As a rca working for usps, this will be very interesting to see how this all works out. I was under the thought that congress had to first approve it and that was why it hadn't happened sooner. Cutting one day is less painful then shutting down like most companies that continue to lose money have to do.
  3. Much better than Tuesday like they originally talked about!
  4. I'm ok with this, bills are sad and why ruin my Saturday!
  5. I say shut it down and privatize the whole thing the postal service has been grossly bloated and over budget for ages.
  6. They gotta cut somewhere and i think we well get use to it. We adjust when banks close down for every holiday there is so I think we will adjust to this fine.
  7. honestly, they deliver to millions of house holds, why dont they charge a low fee to deliver monthly?? easy way to help make up some funds
  8. @caleb for the same reasons they can tinker with social security or Medicare too many lobbyists
  9. I may have to then stop subscribing to the Mankato Free Press, as then my Saturday and Sunday papers will not come untill Monday{old news then}. It would be great if the store ads then came on Friday(in the paper) I shop in Mankato on the weekends. I live in Fairmont, MN.
  10. Letter Carrier Union President Fredric Rolando just send E Activist email to letter carriers stating he asked for PMG Donahoe's resignation.
  11. The Free Press is a business. The postal service is run by the government. Big difference. If there is a deficit the taxpayers make up the difference while the Free Press goes out of business or they become more efficient/charge more. The government is mired in inefficiency and is finally reacting .....20yrs late but reacting non the less. I wouldn't worry too much about the postal workers losing LG amounts of pay....they are government workers after all.
  12. Dear ******Donahoe to Congress:My way or the highway• Announces the end of Saturday delivery on Aug. 5• NALC calls for PMG to step downPostmaster General Pat Donahoe held a press conference today to announce his intention to end Saturday delivery on Aug. 5, 2013, even though current law mandates six-day delivery. Carriers will be subjected to stand-up talks today on the unilateral decision.The PMG is dubiously claiming that a “loophole” in the law will allow him to do this. NALC denounces Donahoe’s arrogant decision and is calling for him to step down. We are exploring all legal and political options to block Donahoe’s gambit.If he were allowed to get away with this brazen attempt to override the law and the will of Congress, he would be free to go to four-day or even three-day delivery in the future.Donahoe’s plan to end Saturday delivery is a disastrous idea that would have a profoundly negative effect on the Postal Service and on millions of customers. It would be particularly harmful to small businesses, rural communities, the elderly, the disabled and others who depend on Saturday delivery for commerce and communication.Slowing mail service and degrading our unmatchable last-mile delivery network are not the answers to the Postal Service’s financial problems. If the postmaster general is unwilling or unable to develop a smart growth strategy that serves the nearly 50 percent of business mailers that want to keep six-day service, and if he arrogantly thinks he is above the law or has the right to decide policy matters that should be left to Congress, it is time for him to step down.This maneuver by Mr. Donahoe flouts the will of Congress, as expressed annually over the past 30 years in legislation that mandates six-day delivery, which remains in effect today. In the last Congress, which ended in January, a bi-partisan majority of representatives co-sponsored legislation backing the continuation of Saturday delivery.This misguided and counterproductive decision is in keeping with the postmaster general’s slash-and-shrink approach to dealing with the Postal Service’s financial challenges. Instead of offering a real business plan to tap the full potential of this essential American institution, he is offering a plan that will doom USPS to failure.The National Association of Letter Carriers has tried time and again to work with Postal Service management to pursue growth measures and cost savings, but it has become clear that the Postal Service leadership’s only strategy is to gut the unique postal network that provides us with the world’s most affordable delivery service, and to eliminate the services on which Americans depend.America’s letter carriers condemn this reckless plan in the strongest terms. We call for the immediate removal of the postmaster general, who has lost the confidence of the men and women who deliver for America every day. And we urge Congress to develop a real reform plan that gives the Postal Service the freedom to grow and innovate in the digital era.In Solidarity,Fredric V. Rolando, PresidentNational Association of Letter CarriersIf you need to update your NALC e-Activist Network e-mail address, you need complete the sign-up process again to help us validate your membership information. Click here to go to the e-Activist Network sign-up page at you wish to unsubscribe from the NALC e-Activist Network, please click here.The National Association of Letter Carriers, AFL-CIO100 Indiana Avenue NW · Washington, DC 20001-2144202-393-4695 · nalc.orgFollow us:
  13. Actually the post office is NOT run by the government. It is regulated by them, but financially independent. We get nothing from government. And I work for the post office, as a RCA. I am a sub. I am not guaranteed a job. If this happens I not only los...See More