Our Faith, Our Planet, Our Community

On Monday 25 September 2017, the Dean hosted a public event entitled Our Faith, Our Planet, Our Community.


  1. The aim of the event was to bring people together from different communities in Greater Manchester to learn about climate change, promote shared values, enjoy food and fellowship and find out how they could contribute to Manchester's plans to become a zero carbon, zero waste, climate resilient, green and healthy city. It was also a chance to discuss what commitments need to be made at a Greater Manchester level and how we can work together with the new Mayor to make them happen.
  2. Speakers on the night included the Dean of Manchester, Jonny Sadler from Manchester Climate Change Agency, Fr Eamonn Mulcahy and the Bishop of Salford (Diocese of Salford), Dr Sam Illingworth (Senior Lecturer in Science Communication, MMU) and Phil Korbel (Carbon Literacy Project).
  3. We heard from faith representatives from the Chinese, Muslim, Sikh and Jewish communities.