2014 NEPEEB: Nor'Eastern Primate Ecology, Evolution and Behavior Group

The Inaugural Meeting! Rutgers University November 7-8, 2014 Business Meeting Voted on New Name: Nor'Eastern Evolutionary Primatology (NEEP)


  1. Program Committee
    Carola Borries, Chris Gilbert, Andreas Koenig, Ryne Palombit, LarissaSwedell, Erin Vogel
  2. Conference Organization
    Carola Borries, Andreas Koenig, Ryne Palombit, Erin Vogel with supportby Fred Foster, Sarah Hlubik, Mareike Janiak, Melanie Jackson, CatherineMarkham, Alysse Moldawer, Evelyn Pain, Rachel Perlman, Didik Prasetyo, AlexPritchard, Kate Thompson, Andrew Zamora.
  3. Acknowledgements
    This event is financially supported by Rutgers University (SAS Dean'sOffice; Center for Human Evolutionary Studies; Department of Anthropology;Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources) and Stony BrookUniversity (Dean, College of Arts and Sciences; Department of Anthropology;Interdepartmental Doctoral Program in Anthropological Sciences). Student prizesfor best podium and best poster presentation are made possible through support fromthe Center for Human Evolutionary Studies. Musical entertainment is provided byFrank Batiste.