#UAE94: Thought Trial in the UAE

94 individuals are charged with setting up an organisation to ‘overthrow the state’ in the United Arab Emirates. The 94 defendants, which include judges, lawyers, academics and student leaders, deny all charges and say they are on trial due to their peaceful calls for political reform.


  1. The following piece argues: As a deeply-tribal and largely homogeneous society that has also engaged heavily both in state-branding and institutional partnerships in recent years, the security crackdown in the UAE holds particular resonance, calling into question the judgement of international institutions that bought into the benevolent ‘images’ so carefully promoted by ruling elites.
  2. Arrests continue, even just a few days before New Year's Eve:
  3. The Gulf Center for Human Rights (GC4HR) calls for an urgent action: "Number of human rights defenders & activists in detention reaches 77 as brutal crackdown continues
  4. The Attorney General takes further action into cracking down on citizens' rights to free speech: