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Gaelic on Twitter

Every so often, Scottish tweeps decide to offer a word or two about Scottish Gaelic. Here is a flavour of the sneer and straw-men Gaels have to deal with.


  1. DISCLAIMER: I am a half-Gael. I speak a bit of Gaelic. I am under no illusions that the language has been anything other than pushed back to the geographic and cultural fringes of Scotland. I am perfectly content for public money to be spent supporting a language that was actively subordinated in the past, but other views are available.
  2. You know the drill. Someone tweets something that touches on Gaelic. Being Twitter, people pile in. I am not going to even provide a selection of the witty replies, but by all means click through for yourself.
  3. It is actually possible to be funny about Gaelic on Twitter.
  4. What normally happens though is someone tweets something like this...
  5. ...then replies flow in about how Gaelic should be in the dead languages section.
  6. Sometimes the person tweeting about Gaelic is an MSP.
  7. "£26m", eh? And "less than 1% of the population"? I am sure both those figures can be substantiated.
  8. Sometimes the tweet is a parody of a tweet by an MP.
  9. Banter ensues.
  10. Sometimes it is an inane comment. Again, the replies are instructive, if you can face clicking through. [EDIT: but see below.]
  11. I tried to call this one out, as I know Mike is actually a smart (albeit pseudonymous) man.
  12. "£26 million", eh?