Portable alpaca shelters in Tuni Grande

This year, volunteers of the Utah State University chapter of Engineers Without Borders will travel to Tuni Grande, Peru to save baby alpacas from the winter chill.


  1. In collaboration with The Chijnaya Foundation, the Utah State University chapter of Engineers Without Borders' Peru team is aiding the Andean community of Tuni Grande to improve the quality of life for it's community members. A group dedicated to working in partnership with rural communities in Southern Peru to design and implement a variety of self-sustaining projects, this foundation has been serving in Peru since 2006 and is a fundamental partner of EWB-USU.
  2. Tuni Grande is a small agricultural community in southern Peru located approximately 3 miles north of Pucará. It is home to just under 400 residents.
  3. In 2012, the EWB-USU team implemented a water distribution system to improve and augment their potable water supply. In 2015, the team will be traveling back to the community to teach the residents how to construct a portable alpaca shelter. This shelter will prevent a large portion of the newborn alpaca from dying due to the frequent harsh weather conditions.
  4. These shelters will be designed and constructed by EWB-USU students, who were notified by the citizens of Tuni Grande that their need for alpaca shelters was greater than the need for more water filters.
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  6. Attend a meeting to learn how you can volunteer your time or donations to aid EWB students in Peru!
  7. To learn more about The Chijnaya Foundation and its goals and accomplishments, watch the video below.
  8. Loma Linda GLOBAL HEALTH FOR A LIFETIME (Chijnaya Foundation) Part 1.avi