What Happened at Camp Magic Macguffin?

So many stories but few answers... Here is the raw material assembled for the narrative of the Summer 2012 class of ds106 that took place at Camp Magic Macguffin http://magicmacguffin.info


  1. It all starts innocently enough. . .

  2. Camp Magic Macguffin Welcome
  3. Our counselors are the first to gather at campgrounds, and they are ready to go (even if a few of them had some questionable "hobbies")
  4. But, right off the bat, everyone is willing to share! -- starting with a few family legends, like this doozy from one camper: 
  5. As more people began to trickle in, it's fun to make new friends and compare the contents of our trunks and suitcases. 
  6. Of course, not everything is rainbows and unicorns. At least one camper does get VERY lost trying to find campgrounds. . .it's unclear whether he ever actually arrives at camp. 
  7. I'm still searching for Camp Magic Macguffin
  8. Then, somewhat unexpectedly, camp Co-Director CogDog Levine disappears goes on a trip to the headquarters of the camp's parent company, CVI. 
  9. First Day at Camp HQ
  10. During week two, bunkhouse assignments are completed, and it's great to see counselors doing what they do best: modeling the practice of sharing ideas!
  11. And, with bunkhouse assignments comes typical camp shenanigans and storytelling! 
  12. While all of this was going on at camp, back at CVI headquarters, Alan is being put through some strange tests.
  13. In and Out of the Woods
  14. Back at camp, while it's great to finally be assigned to bunkhouses, there are some challenges emerging: One bunkhouse immediately experiences an internal coup. An uninvited (and very strange) relative of a camper arrives at camp. And counselors are going "rogue:" making (perhaps idle) threats of bodily harm and offering questionable food products to their bunkhouse charges. There are even rumors of bunkhouses spying on each other!