Camp Magic Macguffin: The Final Chapter

Here are the stories created by students in the Summer 2012 version of ds106. These UMW campers each developed their own theory as to what happened at camp based on the material at


  1. Camp Magic MacGuffin... SECRETS OUT!
  2. The Concluding Story of Camp Magic Macguffin!

  3. As Camp Magic MacGuffin enters the final week of the summer session, it's clear that questions abound and answers are nowhere to be found. Who can make sense of this? Who can help us find our way out? Who will save us all? 

    The campers are gone and Martha is panicked because Shed #4 is gone. Alan tries to re-assure her that he has the special box. They are to meet at the cave behind the horse barn...
  4. This audio transmission (intercepted phone call to a Vancouver BC number) was captured by the automatic detector grid.
  5. Here it is the final conclusion! Learn what happens when Alan and Martha find the gold mine of ZoneStone....
  6. The End of Camp Magic Macguffin
  7. What happens next? Stay tuned to the next iteration of ds106 starting late August, 2012-