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How To Add a Storify Bookmarklet to your iPhone

If you don't have 3G on your iPad you are apt to use your iPhone for surfing the web while out and about, on trips and waiting for's how to add the Storify Bookmarklet to your iPhone to populate your Storypad!


  1. If you look at the screen capture of my iPhone above you will see "Now ready to Storify. Click on the Storify button to add this page to your storypad." How did I get that? By adding a Storify bookmarklet to my iPad! It's simple and easy and I'll show you how!


    1. Open up your Mobile Safari on your iPad and navigate to any page. Which page doesn't matter as we are going to overwrite the destination code in another step.

    2. Go to the top bottom of the page and click the ---> forward arrow and select "Add Bookmark" 

    3. Type in "Storify!" or "Storify This" or whatever you want the bookmark to be called. Make sure the 3rd line reads  "Bookmarks Bar"  so that it is easily accessible when needed. There really isn't a "Bookmarks Bar" on your iPhone because of limited space, but by adding it this way it's simply easier to quickly find.

    4. Tap on "Save" and let that window close.

    5. Tap on the Open-Book icon to open up all your bookmarks (tap on "Bookmarks Bar" if you are in the general bookmarks)

    6. Tap "Edit" at the bottom of the resulting popup box.

    7. Scroll down and find the Storify bookmark and tap on it to open up it's information box.

    8. Put your cursor in the URL box and click on the X to remove that URL.

    9. Replace that URL with this code:  javascript:(function(){var _my_script=document.createElement('SCRIPT'); _my_script.type='text/javascript'; _my_script.src='//'; document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(_my_script);}());   Just copy and paste it right into that box!

    10.Click "Done" three times to back out of the editing tool and save your work.

    11. I suggest that after adding the bookmarklet you edit the Bookmarks Bar list and move Storify to the top of the list to make it even easier and faster to use. 

    12. THAT'S it! You've installed a Storify bookmarklet on your iPhone in your Mobile Safari browser!

    Now every time you find content you want to save to your Storify storypad all you have to do is tap on the bookmarklet you just made in your Safari bookmark bar! You will get the resulting Storify bookmarklet bar under the URL box and all you have to do is tap on the Storify button at the end of the bar to save the items you want.

    Unfortunately Storypad is not "dragable"  within the Mobile Safari browser however all the items you Storified are available and waiting for you at the Storify Website when you log in!  

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