Sunnybrook Hospital live-tweets heart surgery

@Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre opened up surgery to the public by live-tweeting a 57-year-old man's coronary artery bypass graft, inviting the Twitterverse to chime in with #SBheart. Warning: a little graphic, and as Sunnybrook said, "not for the faint of heart."


  1. Live-tweeting the surgery is part of the Toronto hospital's strategy to raise awareness about heart disease during February, which is Heart Month (beyond the romance of Valentine's Day). The patient, Lou, gave his consent for live-tweeting, and said he looks forward to recovering so he can get back to fishing, baking and gardening.
  2. Dr. Gideon Cohen led the team from Sunnybrook's Schulich Heart Centre. Sunnybrook's web team got a little help from University of Toronto resident Dr. Dekel, who was on hand to explain the procedure. Good strategy if they don't yet make 'texting gloves' for surgeons. 
  3. They even posted a video of a real, live heart. 
  4. And updates on the vibe of the operating room.
  5. Live-tweeting created an educational opportunity.
  6. And room for Grey's Anatomy comparisons.
  7. Follow the heart surgery on Twitter @Sunnybook, with the hashtag #Sbheart or check out the recap here. The live-tweeted surgery is expected to run until around 12:00 ET.