Stewart vs. O'Reilly

Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly faced off at George Washington U. on Saturday while another battle took place between would-be watchers and over-taxed technology. Some who witnessed the Rumble suggested it was the best debate they'd seen — perhaps even ever. Here's how it played on Twitter:


  1. The match up for the mock debate, as described by the Washington Post: 
    "In one corner: O’Reilly, 63, a 6-foot-4 conservative Catholic from Levittown, N.Y., who divides the world into patriots and pinheads every weeknight on “The O’Reilly Factor.”

    "In the other: Stewart, 49, a 5-foot-6 liberal Jew from New Jersey whose quippy ombudsmanship of O’Reilly’s network has dominated segments on his rollicking Comedy Central show for years." 
  2. Jon Stewart had nine words to start things off: "My friend Bill O'Reilly is completely full of shit."
  3. Here's the AP on the mock debate: "Choice words not suitable for the faint of heart dotted the 90-minute exchange between the Fox News anchor and the star of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show," who bantered aggressively but good-naturedly over birth control, President George W. Bush and the so-called "War on Christmas."
  4. Some cheers:
  5. ... and jeers:
  6. Here's USA Today on winners at losers: "At evening's end, unlike the actual debates, the official verdict was: both won. Each got a 'championship belt.' And as for what they learned from the evening, O'Reilly said, "Now I know I'm right."