Israel, Palestine launch social media front during Gaza attacks

Israel launched an offensive into Gaza Wednesday, that is inching ever closer to a full-out war. Meanwhile, both sides are using social media to disseminate propaganda digitally, in what has become the latest front to win hearts and minds.


  1. The social media onslaught started Wednesday, with news that the Israel Defense Force was launching a campaign that had already killed top Hamas military commander Ahmed Jaabari.
  2. The social media campaign caught the attention of Hamas, which responded during this exchange Wednesday.
  3. The IDF spokesperson created a hashtag.
  4. And included information on the campaign in many official languages.
  5. Many, many tweets follow in a play-by-play of the offensive. Now on Day 2, the #PillarOfDefense hashtag continues.
  6. Alqassam Brigades also steps up its own propaganda campaign, which includes posting images of a dead child that it says was killed by Israeli forces, as well as an ongoing update of its target hits. Here's a sampling:
  7. It also posed Youtube video of a rocket attack, which looks similar to other media images of an attack that killed three and injured a child and two babies in southern Israel.
  8. رصد| صاروخ "فجر 5" تجاه تل الربيع المحتلة
  9. According to a report from the BBC, 15 Palestinians have been killed in the attacks so far. This number includes both militants and civilians.
  10. The IDF has also ramped up its YouTube campaign, posting seven videos in the last 24 hours, including this one about why Israel has the right to defend itself.
  11. What Gives Israel the Right to Defend Itself?
  12. And another about how Israel makes efforts to minimize killing civilians during its attacks.
  13. How Does the IDF Minimize Harm to Palestinian Civilians in Gaza?
  14. Meanwhile, the U.N Security Council called an emergency meeting, but that meeting failed to reach a decision. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he has spoken to both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi, who has condemned the air strikes and has recalled his ambassador from Israel.