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A trail groomer ride on the Adams Pond Trail, Londonderry NH

After a good 8"-9" of white stuff fell Friday, January 17 2014, it was time to make the Adams Pond Trail ready for cross country skiers. This popular trail runs through apple orchards, forest and alongside Adams Pond, a pretty, wild wetland in Londonderry NH.


  1. The trail grooming equipment is provided by Londonderry Trailways, a local group that maintains hiking/biking/ski trails throughout Londonderry.
  2. After hooking up the sled, which is weighed down with cinderblocks, I put the snowmachine in low and lumbered out across the field and into the woods. New snow is always beautiful on the Adams Pond Connector, the trail that skirts Adams Pond that connects two large apple orchards...
  3. Click the Instagram link below for a short ride on the snow machine...
  4. The wife followed on cross country skis as we rounded Adams Pond, headed for the little bridge over the dam. Another scenic spot...
  5. And still more views as we headed into the apple orchard...
  6. Wintertime color: oak leaves glow on a snowy day in @londonderrynh #nhviews
    Wintertime color: oak leaves glow on a snowy day in @londonderrynh #nhviews
  7. The orchards were alive on this grey day, filled with birds, working mummified apples left over from harvest. A red tailed hawk zipped overhead. There is always wildlife to see on the trail. 
  8. Be sure to visit the trail. The skiing is great. It's free. Best winter parking: Londonderry Historical Society on Pillsbury Road. The orchard which is the north loop of the trail is across the street. Do both loops and the connector for a good 5k ski. More below via