7 Weeks to a Better Social Media You

A summation and analysis of Michael Kinane's experience in COMI610: Social Media Strategies & Tactics



    This Storify collection serves as the culminating project for  COMI610: Social Media Strategies & Tactics, a course offered as part of Marist College's Master of Arts in Integrated Marketing Curriculum.  In the course, I and my fellow students sought out to gain the practical knowledge and skills we will need to better define the objectives, strategies, and platforms we use in the "social" world and to experience hands on practice in managing social media presences.  At the same time, the course set out to teach us how to effectively monitor and measure our current performance while using that data to then improve on future performance. 


    Early and mid-20th century American journalist A.J. Liebling famously said “Freedom of the press is limited to those who own one.”  While he was speaking about the power of those who in his time published the nation’s largest newspapers, I believe his comment rings even more true in the age of social media, as we all now have the potential to publish our interests, ideas and opinions. 


    My name is Michael Kinane and I named the blog created in support of this coursework Liebling Realized to celebrate the linkage between past forms of information distribution and contemporary ones. I am in the midst of what has become a 25-year career in public relations, marketing and higher education.  Along with being a graduate student, I lead the public relations, marketing, fund-raising and government relations activities for SUNY College at Old Westbury, a small, public liberal arts college on New York’s Long Island.  Liebling Realized is my latest attempt to engage the digital world in conversation, building upon my active Twitter and LinkedIn efforts that precede it.  I greatly enjoy the passage of information through the written word, reading as frequently as I can in my free time, which led me to the bookcase-laden design theme of Liebling Realized.

  3. LieblingRealized_AboutMe

    My goal on Liebling Realized was to create an accessible, conversational, and, dare I say, fun read from which readers can gain my insight and then share theirs.  My  writings were less about what I want to say and more about what I think is the best, most valuable information was for my readers.  My vision for this is in alignment with Qualman (2013) who says both "companies and marketers had better spend more time listening to their customers..." and "just as important as listening to the customers is acting on the information received" (p. 78). 


    To provide for this environment, I created a fairly simple, straightforward policy for the site, which you can read via the link below:

  5. In planning my activities, I divided my objectives into two categories:

    Qualitative Objectives

    1, Be mindful of my readers needs by publishing no later than Tuesday evening each week,

    2. Use more frequently and with greater efficiency SEO-friendly content and keywords, and

    3. Experience social interaction via social media in response to both my and my peers' content.

    Quantitative objectives

    1. Earn an average of 50 pageviews per post,

    2. Earn an average of 20 comments per post,

    3. Attract at least 25 class users as followers of my IMC Twitter and Pinterest accounts, and

    4. Accrue 12-15 followers to my blog  by the close of the class to my blog.


    This Storify curation covers three weeks of activity. Key for me in each of these weeks has been: 

    1. Finding an example or anecdote that I believe most can relate to and using that as the prism through which the weekly content is viewed,
    2. Using creative headlines somewhat outside the norm of academia to elicit interest and interaction, 

    3. Matching the creative headline with an off-beat or unusual image to, hopefully, "break through the clutter" with something different and unexpected, and 

    4. Cross-promoting my blog on Pinterest and Twitter, with reminders late in the week geared towards generating ongoing discussion.

    Week 3

    During this week, I served as the digital leader for Group 2.  Even so, I wanted to share in the experiences of my classmates so I posted a blog as well.  Headlined, "The Ties that Bind:  From My Wife to a Beat-Boxing Santa," the blog linked our reading of Argenti, Howell and Beck and their emphasis that communications must always be aligned with an organization's strategy to the synergy between spouses when they communicate with their children and the marketing and public relations efforts of Virgin Atlantic Airlines

  6. The blog was supported on Twitter and Pinterest with such posts as:
  7. Pin by Michael Kinane on My Social Media Class Board | Pinterest
    Pin by Michael Kinane on My Social Media Class Board | Pinterest
  8. Week 4
    To interest readers in our review of the importance of personal relationships and peer recommendation, the blog titled "It's a Whole New World of Mouth" introduced readers to my neighbors, including my go-to friend for recommendations on household services.  I and the readers of Liebling Realized also explored Qualman's assertion that marketers no longer own relationships with consumers and that, instead, the consumers themselves are the owners and willingly share that power among themselves (pg. 83).  
  9. Again, social media promotion included tweets and pins that introduced followers to "my neighborhood consigliere" and to the challenges current giants like Google might face in light of Qualman's position.
  10. Pin by Michael Kinane on My Social Media Class Board | Pinterest
    Pin by Michael Kinane on My Social Media Class Board | Pinterest
  11. Several days after the initial post, tweets and Facebook posts such as the one below were added in an effort to drive readership.
  12. Week 6
    My final blog of the course, titled "Social Media Self-Defense: Not just a war-time activity," juxtaposed current issues relating to privacy and security on social media to World War II campaigns calling for vigilance in information security among citizens to defend against opportunities for "Loose Lips Sink Ships" scenarios.   
  13. In the post and the comments, I and the readers of Liebling Realized shared tips and ideas about Internet security and I was pleased to be able to introduce to a few readers a nugget of information they had never heard before: 
  14. Efforts to engage followers via Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook continued. 
  15. Pin by Michael Kinane on My Social Media Class Board | Pinterest
    Pin by Michael Kinane on My Social Media Class Board | Pinterest