Shalom Markets Bundaberg

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  1. The Shalom Markets is Bundaberg’s weekly ‘farmers and growers’ market that attracts visitors from across the Wide-Bay and Burnett region. Held each Sunday at Shalom College in Bundaberg for over a decade, the markets support a vast array of local and regional stallholders.
  2. The Shalom Markets is an important event for local farmers, with many seizing the chance to sell their fresh produce at bargain prices. The stalls offer a wide range of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices all of which are locally grown and produced.
  3. Stallholder and local farmer, Douglas Field, said that the markets offer a great face-to-face opportunity for local growers to sell their produce directly to locals.
  4. “The markets to me are about supporting our local growers. The chance to sell our veggies here, means that that the money stays local,” Mr Field said.
  5. “To see the same familiar faces each week just goes to show that people want to support local farmers, which is really great."
  6. The Shalom Markets also plays host to a diverse range of unique handcrafted pieces, including jewellery, candles, quilts, clothing and ornaments.
  7. Candle maker, Margret Thompson, said that markets offer a chance for craft enthusiasts to display and sell their unique creations.
  8. “As a crafts person it’s great to be able to put your work out there. There is a great sense of support among crafts people here which is just fantastic”, Ms Thompson said.
  9. “The community atmosphere is really what makes the markets so special,” she said.
  10. As a regular community event, the Shalom Markets attracts hundreds of visitors each weekend. Attendees of the Shalom Markets can expect to find a number of food stands, coffee stalls and live entertainment as part their market experience.
  11. As a regular attendee of the markets, Samantha Collingwood, said that the range of stalls and friendly atmosphere is what keeps her coming back each week.
  12. “Every week there is always something new. I could spend hours walking around looking at all the great things on offer,” Miss Collingwood said.
  13. “The markets are great for shopping and browsing. There really is something for everyone”, she said.
  14. The Shalom Markets boasts free-entry, ample parting and a covered seating area, making it a perfect hassle-free event for families.
  15. Mother of two, Natasha Byron said the markets are the perfect family-friendly outing on a Sunday.