#Newtown Shooting Reignites Gun Control Debate

Like this summer’s theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, Friday’s shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn. sparked anew the debate on gun control across social media.

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  1. Anti-gun advocates pushed for greater gun control.
  2. Gun-rights supporters argued back: 
  3. With at least 25 people, including 18 children and the gunman dead, an emotional President Obama said, "These children are our children and we're going to have to come together to take meaningful action."
  4. By midday, all of Twitter's top trends in the U.S. (aside from the promoted trend) were associated with the shooting: 
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  6. One Twitter user took to asking for "Twitter silence" for a minute in honor of the victims.
  7. As news coverage developed, many on Twitter bristled as news organizations took to interviewing children.
  8. Many across the country tried to empathize with the school's parents: