MV Tours Twitter tour of Melbourne

Some of the Museum Victoria education team headed out on a Friday afternoon for a Twitter tour of Melbourne. Following the path of Melbourne's Golden Mile and walking from the Immigration Museum to Melbourne Museum, we wanted to share some great locations & tools for learning in the city.


  1. The tour started on the banks of the Yarra. The team included John Patten from Bunjilaka, Jan Molloy from Immigration Museum and Cam Hocking & Jen Brook from Museum Victoria. We were also joined by Mark who was at MV as part of a placement for his studies.
  2. Armed with phones and iPads, we used Shadow Puppet Edu to make some short videos explaining different parts of the walk. This app is free, doesn't need a login, and lets you speak over pictures and videos to create a short movie.
  3. Many of the images we used on the tour came from the MV Walking Tours app, which includes audio & picture tours of Melbourne's Golden Mile, Carlton Gardens and Spotswood.
  4. We also used the Book Creator app to do some sketching as we were out and about. Book Creator allows students to mix drawings, text, photographs and videos and then export as an ebook or movie. One great feature is that you can take a picture and then sketch over it. There's a free and paid version of the app.
  5. One other nice aspect of using Twitter was that people could follow along and contribute to the tour. The beloved Coles Book arcade stirred up some nice memories for people. We did find that moving around and taking pictures made it difficult to also monitor tweets coming in. We'd recommend designating a tweeter!
  6. Evernote is another useful tool for location based learning. You can record audio, add text, take pictures and also geotag each note so you know where you were when it was created.