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Mark S. Varney

Mark S. Varney or simply "Mark" has been in the IT business for more than 10 years. In 2011, entered into a new realm of information age, blogging. Finding the passion to blog was not a difficult thing... of course when it comes to topic relating to information technology. Later in 2012, something painful happened as I undergo a bizarre experience known as penile curvature. Consulted a urologist and found out there was really a small plaque at the right side of penile shaft, somewhere in the middle. If it was not addressed earlier, mine could end up like a boomerang-shape like. Fortunately, there were two options to correct the curvature, one is through surgical procedure, which I don't like unless there are no other options. And, the second option which is a slower process but it does not make a cut, in other words, it's a non-invasive method. So, I took the second method using a traction device, particularly SizeGenetics as recommended by the Urologist. I used and wore it everyday for a period of over 5 months. Yes, it's that long and it's not even complete the restoration of the curvature but the results are amazing and the pain is hugely reduce. In fact, I can do and perform normally without any pain. Still, a slight curvature, but I'm continuing to use the device.