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#MSUkonvo 20th

Looking back at where you begin.... plus some tips and advises ....


  1. There's gonna be plenty of obstacles and hurdles along the way , one with strong mental and emotion will survive until the end. With a promise that it's all gonna be worth it. #msumalaysia
  2. Once your lectures complete, read.. Everyday u have to practice or else you have study two weeks before the exam.. Read for quiz.. Don't copy.. Trust me the quiz help me a lot and practice tutorial sure will be your exam question..Good luck to my youngest... From Bbm students
  3. You won鈥檛 end up where you think you鈥檒l end up. Our life is not a series of goals, it is a journey. Stay on the path and move forward. When you come to a fork, go with your gut & when you come to a mountain, climb it.
  4. my first year advice will be, always be early to class. it keeps u going ;)
  5. jgn jd mcm dak lain. jgn ponteng. jd nerd. it will pay. or else jd mcm hakak. lg 0.02 je pointer nk dpt waiver for ptptn.. hahaha nyesal x sudah
  6. What matter most are the memories and skills you built during your colleges days, not your grades. Take Every moments as your Guru.
  7. Savour every moment of it.. the good, bad and ugly... 馃檶馃檶
  8. trust yourself 馃挭馃徏
  9. Enjoy your great moment with msurian and lectures... you will really feel missed and regret once you have finish studies and grad... so guys have fun in your studies in MSU.... Enjoy and rock them well.... #StudentBIArockabis
  10. 1) just have fun 2)expand your social circle
  11. Choose ur good will give u good environment to focus in ur stdy..everthing strt from home.. 1..respect ur lecturers very importt,dont blame them if they scolded u,it is a learning process,take it as positive me,u will learn something at the end.. something properly like case write up and all asgmnt..involved in grouping as well,dont take easy.. 3 ..when u feel down or frustrated,go somewhere else to relex ur mind,then continue stdy..dont force urself.. 4..sleep well,eat me..hehehe.. ur parents during exams for me its works.. 6..respect others. ..because they will pray for ur successs..
  12. Have tonnes of fun, get friends who share similar interests as you as birds of the same feathers flock together 馃槀, together you guys can have tonnes of fun. be yourself and don't miss out all the Uni activities. Enjoy your student life, study smart馃槈
  13. Tips yg paling penting; 1) Hargai selagi study di MSU, sbb bila dah keja, kenangan sewaktu study memang akn buat kita sentiasa rindu. 2) ambil peluang yg ada sewaktu study. Sbb nnti bila dah keja, memori waktu praktikal atau study yg tlg kita time keja. 馃槃馃槃馃槈馃槈馃槈馃槈
  14. Just make your presence here as a meaningful one..