Tech Companies do the Harlem Shake

The internet dance phenomenon that is the Harlem Shake has allowed the channel a rare glimpse into the crazy side of their tech vendors through these viral videos. MSPs, we give you...the Harlem Shake, technology style. (Tweet us @MSPBuilder1 - What are your favorites? Did we miss any?)


  1. First, know your meme:

  2. Now do the Harlem Shake:

  3. IBM Harlem Shake at CeBIT 2013
  4. NetApp Harlem Shake @ Cisco Live!
  5. ...And We Do The Harlem Shake
  6. We love how LifeSize worked their video conferencing product into their version of the Harlem Shake.
  7. Harlem Shake- LifeSize Style
  8. Harlem Shake - VMware Burlington edition
  9. Conduit claims this is the biggest Harlem Shake ever, with 450 employees partaking!
  10. Conduit Does the Harlem Shake
  11. StorageCraft's clever take on the meme cuts the dance short because they don't mess around when it comes to downtime.
  12. Harlem Shake (StorageCraft Edition)
  13. Harlem Shake: Belkin Thunderstorm Edition (The best and funniest version)
  14. Harlem Shake Windows 8 at Sheffield University Edition
  15. Harlem Shake @ Facebook
  16. The Harlem Shake (Google Office Edition)
  17. Harlem Shake (Intel Edition)
  18. Companies like Spiceworks, SEOmoz, and HootSuite took this opportunity to involve their mascots:
  19. Spiceworks Does the Harlem Shake
  20. Harlem Shake - SEOmoz Edition
  21. Harlem Shake (HootSuite Edition)