"20 Ways" of Improving Child Health with Community-Based Care: The Guardian

The Guardian's Global Development Professionals Network hosted an online chat Thursday, September 12, on improving child health through community-based care. Last week, they summarized the expert panel with "20 ways" on delivering community-based care.

  1. Panelists and others made the case for integrated community case management (#ICCM) on The Guardian's GlobalDevLive and on Twitter with #GlobalDevLive
  2. Photo by Sergey Dohlzenko/EPA via The Guardian
  3. MSH's Ciro Franco joined the panel of experts who, together, suggested "20 ways" to improve child health with community-based care:

  4. Franco said:
    "Encourage a broad range of stakeholders in community-based projects: It is important to have a range of stakeholders playing a role. Some initiatives like accredited drug dispensing outlets in Tanzania and Uganda are creating a role for the private sector in expanding access to medicines. It's also important to involve civil society and local government in programmes, as is being done in Benin."
  5. In addition to posting comments at The Guardian, global development professionals and others tweeted ideas on #ICCM:
  6. Panelists included: Emanuele Capobianco, chief of health and nutrition, Unicef Mozambique, Maputo, Mozambique. @ecapobianco
  7. Who pays for iCCM? Is it scalable?

  8. What about sustainability?

  9. Motivating and training community health workers

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