The time for change is now - MSF weekly scrapbook # 50

This week saw the launch of the TB Manifesto by our Access campaign group and we are also continuing our campaign to highlight the need for affordable vaccines. Its been another busy week for our bloggers in the field as well as our supporters who, as ever, have been doing a fantastic job!


  1. In the News

  2. Campaigns
  3. At MSF we believe treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis needs to be more effective, shorter and with fewer debilitating side effects. This week saw the  relaunch of the TB Manifesto, and we invite all those who wish to see greater research and investment into the treatment of TB to sign up.
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  5. We have also been continuing our campaign to make vaccines more affordable and more effective by tailoring them for local health risks.
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  9. Syria
  10. Continuous heavy bombing this week has forced 130,000 people out of al-Safira in the north of Syria. Since June 2012, we have conducted 354,122 medical consultations for Syrians inside and outside the country.
  11. The Central African Republic
  12. As violence in CAR spreads, we have been dealing with greater numbers of internally displaced people in need of help.
  13. On the Blogs

  14. This week saw another glimpse into the work of our field doctors, with Tomas showing us the reality of working as a surgeon in rural Afghanistan. Elisha also gave us his inspirational account of overcoming multi drug-resistant TB in Zimbabwe.
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