The forgotten crisis in CAR & Syrians left out in the cold - MSF weekly scrapbook #56

This week we focus on sectarian tensions in CAR, the plight of Syrian refugees fleeing conflict, and our ongoing work in the Philippines. We also say hello to some of our new bloggers, start our competition to find music for an animation and celebrate the tireless work of our supporters


  1. In the news

  2. Central African Republic (CAR)
  3. Sectarian conflict in the CAR is getting worse by the day. Hundreds have been killed, thousands injured and hundreds of thousands displaced by the violence between Muslim and Christian militias. Our teams have witnessed the violence first hand as they treat those caught in the crossfire at several medical sites.
  4. MSF this week spoke out against the UN and its associated humanitarian organisations and their lack of action in the area. The UN, who we've worked with in past and present emergencies, are one of the largest humanitarian groups in the world. Their support is vital in any crisis such as the one in CAR.
  5. Syria
  6. This week we focus on the deplorable conditions many Syrians face in refugee camps in Bulgaria. This year around 10,000 asylum seekers, the majority of them being Syrian, have arrived in Bulgaria. The authorities there are working to improve the situation, but unless things improve rapidly, things can only get worse.
  7. A Rough Welcome for Syrian Refugees: Five Families to a Room
  8. This winter has seen unprecedented cold weather in the middle-east. This has intensified the already dire humanitarian conditions for Syrians who have fled the violence or are still trapped in the country by it.