Mandela, babies in Syria, recovery in the Philippines and violence in CAR- MSF weekly scrapbook #55

Welcome to the weekly round-up of our news from around the world. As the violence in CAR and the DRC worsens, we are stepping up efforts to help people caught in the conflicts. We also pay tribute to Mandela, continue our work in the Philippines and celebrate our amazing supporters.


  1. In the news

  2. First of all, everyone at MSF would like to take this opportunity to express their sympathy and support for the friends and family of Nelson Mandella, who sadly passed away this week.
  3. Central African Republic (CAR)
  4. With militias attacking the capital and the French government announcing an escalation of its military involvement, this week saw rising tensions in CAR.
  5. Mobile clinics are one of the many methods MSF employ to provide medical treatment communities scattered by the violence.
  6. Violent Clashes Erupt in Bouca; Central African Republic
  7. The violence was witnessed by our emergency coordinator Rosa Crestini, who has found the time to write about the terrible scenes she witnessed.
  8. Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
  9. Conflict in the DRC continues, and the UN continues to escalate its own role there, deepening their involvement.
  10. War may affect medical aid reaching communities, but it doesn't affect the measles reaching them. MSF has been vaccinating thousands of children against the disease, which can be fatal, on top of all their other work in the region.
  11. Democratic Republic of Congo: Violence & Vaccinations in South Irumu
  12. Syria
  13. As winter approaches, the humanitarian situation in Syria will only get worse.
  14. The collapse of what was a very capable health service in Syria continues to seriously affect those living in the conflict. We have seen an alarming increase in birth defects due to a complete lack antenatal care.