No way into Awaran, Pakistan - MSF Weekly Scrapbook #47

This week we welcome new international president from Canada. We launch a new educational website which examines important decisions in MSF's history. In Iraq, we are preparing for a large influx of refugees. In Pakistan we continue our efforts to help people affected by last week's earthquake.


  1. In the news

  2. Iraq

    With the border crossing between Syria and Iraqi Kurdistan set to reopen, we are preparing our teams at the border and in the surrounding camps to respond to a large influx of refugees from Syria. Despite the continuing difficulties we remain committed to helping those suffering as a result of the conflict. 

  3. MSF provides emergency care to Syrian families fleeing to Iraq
  4. Pakistan
  5. We continue to push for access to Awaran, southwest Pakistan, which was hit by two earthquakes last week.There is an urgent need for emergency medical care. 
  6. Second #quake in #Pakistan: #MSF waiting for safe passage to #Arawan area, concerned about potential new casualties
  7. Listen to #MSF’s @chris_lockyear on @PRI on difficulties of getting aid into conflict zones #Pakistan #earthquakes
  8. New International President

    We welcome new international president Dr Joanna Liu from Canada. Her first field assignment with MSF was in 1996. Since then, she has completed over 20 subsequent missions. Like many of her MSF colleagues, her humanitarian work has taken her to some of the most unstable regions in the world. These include the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Honduras, Haiti, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Indonesia, Palestine, Uganda, Sudan and Sri Lanka. We have no doubt she will be an outstanding president for MSF. 
  9. I, on behalf of Doctors Worldwide Turkey @YYD_tr congrat the new president of MSF, Dr Joanne Liu @MSF_USA @MSF_canada
    I, on behalf of Doctors Worldwide Turkey @YYD_tr congrat the new president of MSF, Dr Joanne Liu @MSF_USA @MSF_canada 
  10. A sad goodbye to Dr Unni Karunakara, who will spend four months cycling across India to “give back to the organisation”. Travelling 5,000 kms he will be fueled by engaging discussion on medical humanitarian aid, MSF’s work and the active involvement of people like you. “This is me coming home, my journey across India. This is my ride for MSF. There is a long road ahead but I have immense faith in humanity and I believe in your support. Support me. Support MSF.”
  11. Today, we welcome Canadian Doctor Joanne Liu as #MSF's new International President
  12. #MSF gets a new International President! Dr Joanne Liu joins us. Thanks to past pres @UnniKarunakara - I'll miss you!
  13. Educational website

    This week we have launched a new educational website that provides unprecedented insight into our decisions during key humanitarian crises of the past 40 years. The first case study published on the website analyses MSF’s experience in Somalia during the early 1990s. You can read this and more by following the link below...

  14. Speaking Out Case Studies
  15. On the blogs

  16. Our bloggers bring you the latest insights from inside Pakistan. Last week's earthquakes have already claimed the lives of hundreds. There are many more who have been displaced by the disaster.  David is an Australian nurse working with MSF in Pakistan remotely managing obstetric projects. Don't forget to check out our new TB blogger Zolelwa Sifumba in South Africa.