Philippines Typhoon: Response & Support - MSF Weekly Scrapbook #52

The immense scale of the storm in the Philippines has been eclipsed by the sheer generosity of our supporters, as well as the many other organisations and individuals delivering support to the survivors of one of the largest storms on record.


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  2. Philippines Typhoon
  3. On the 8th of November 2013 a category 5 storm called Haiyan/Yolanda made landfall in the east of the Philippines. The storm charged its way through the central islands flattening homes and entire cities, washing away supplies and equipment and destroying lives.
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  5. Keep updated with what we're doing by following our interactive map.
  6. Our team in London have also been working with the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT), a volunteer group which helps to map disaster responses.
  7. MSF has been quick to respond. Within hours, our teams were loading up cargo planes across the world with essential supplies. As it stands, 10 cargo planes in total will be sent to the Philippines, of which three have already arrived in Cebu and offloaded. Over 100 MSF specialists, including surgeons, doctors, nurses, logisticians and water and sanitation engineers are also deployed, or making their way to the worst affected areas.
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  9. When our volunteers arrived it was clear the humanitarian needs of the survivors would be massive. Millions of people have been made homeless by the Typhoon. these people are in desperate need of emergency healthcare, shelter, food and clean water.
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  11. There is also an urgent need to prevent outbreaks of highly infectious diseases. Sanitation infrastructure has been completely destroyed in some parts of the country due to the typhoon, which could potentially lead to outbreaks.
  12. At first, progress was slow due to the incredibly poor state of infrastructure as a result of the storm but, as roads are cleared, aid is starting to reach those that need it the most. The needs remain huge, and MSF continues to build up its operations in the area.