MSF Scientific Day 2014

MSF Scientific Day is held every year to draw attention to and debate our teams' research. Through evidence and proven methods we hope to continually improve our work. We streamed the entire event online and this year was our most successful yet, with over 2200 people watching in 102 countries.


  1. As we made the finishing touches, an introductory set of videos on HIV and TB in Swaziland was streamed online in preparation for the first session that dealt with research into these two diseases.
  2. Outside the auditorium, our sponsors were setting up their stands and mixing with attendees.
  3. The Royal Society of Medicines excellent AV team were making their final checks too.
  4. The main reason why we stream the entire thing online? So our teams all over the world can tune in and be part of a key MSF process of self evaluation. 
  5. As a sign of its importance, MSF international president Joanne Liu was present throughout the day.
  6. With the audience assembled, we were ready to begin.
  7. We got a good response from our online viewers!
  8. We got a VERY good response from twitter as well.
  9. Even the government joined in!
  10. For our online viewers only (sorry everyone else) we played films, presentations and research poster tours during the breaks.