MSF arrives in Konna, Mali, before it's too late - scrapbook #23

Welcome to the weekly round-up of MSF news. This week, we have been trying to gain access to the pivotal town of Konna, Mali. We achieved this yesterday. We have questioned the 'Decades of Vaccines Blueprint. And, you have until the end of the month to register for the Friends of MSF Fun Run!

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  2. MSF has finally gained access to Konna, carrying out 166 consultations on our first day in the town. As the WHO Executive Board meets, we question the 'Decades of Vaccines' blueprint and, in Katanga, DRC, violence has erupted risking the lives of thousands.
  3. As governments meet this week at WHO Executive Board to discuss a blueprint for the next 10 years of vaccines work, more work must be done to address the skyrocketing price of vaccines and lack of products designed with people in developing countries in mind. " class="">
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  5. "Somehow they all made it through the night. And so did I. Albeit tense, tired and slightly tearful." After an eight-year-old girl has a seizure, Emma questions a world in which the country you are born in to can determine the healthcare you are provided. Please leave your questions and comment for Emma in the comments box below her blog post." class="">
  6. Thank-you for your passion and work.
  7. Keep up the fantastic work. Stay positive!
  8. Arriving back home to Australia, Kate, an MSF nurse, blogs about the difficulty of settling back into 'normal life'. Please leave your questions and comments for Kate in the comments box below her blog post. " class="">
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