Measles, bombs and rebellion - the weekly scrapbook #25

Welcome to the weekly round-up of MSF news. This week, we've dealt with bombings, epidemics, floods and neglect across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. We debated aid in Syria and, as always, our supporters have been doing amazing things to raise the money we need to continue our lifesaving work.

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  2. This week, we reported on Hepatitis E in South Sudan, our remote teams in Mali, explosions and measles in Pakistan, flooding in Mozambique, neglected refugees in Lebanon and access to medical care in Myanmar.
  3. An epidemic of hepatitis E is escalating across refugee camps in South Sudan's Maban County. We've treated nearly 4,000 patients; tragically, there have been 88 deaths, including 15 pregnant women." class="">
  4. In Mali, despite landmines restricting access to healthcare, we have managed to carry out 9,000 consultations since January. During intense bombing in Douentza, our team worked around the clock to provide 450 consultations per week. " class="">
  5. MSF treated 55 injured patients after a major explosion outside two mosques in Hangu, Pakistan. The bomb blast killed several and injured dozens of people leaving the mosques after Friday prayers. " class="">
  6. I am so sorry to learn of this and so pleased that MSF was there to help
  7. Cases of measles are on the rise in Pakistan's Balochistan Province. Our team has treated 159 patients since late December 2012, and two measles-related deaths have occurred. To cope with the increasing number of patients, we've set up an eight-bed unit to treat patients with complications. " class="">
  8. That's great, meanwhile be more cautious about some common feared complications such as croup syndrome, pneumonia or blindness and malnutrition. Hello to the managing team. My regards to all.
  9. After a week of heavy rain left parts of Mozambique severely affected by flooding, MSF sent a team to one of the hardest hit areas and launched an emergency response in the city of Chokwe. Follow the link to read an interview with MSF's medical coordinator: " class="">
  10. There are so many places on this earth that need help and you seem to be in all of them! What a fantastic job you all do at MSF! My total respect to all who are doing a brilliant job! And my heart goes out to all suffering people! <3
  11. Half of the 220,000 Syrian refugees seeking safety in Lebanon are not receiving the medical care they need and are living in very precarious conditions. We are calling on the authorities to establish winter-proof shelters and reception centres for those most in need.;h=6AQEXOnj5&amp;s=1 " class="">
  12. The following story is about a particularly difficult situation in Myanmar's Rakhine State. For the first time in 20 years, we managed to have photos sent back from our field clinics. Click on the link at the end of the Facebook update for more.
  13. Eight months since deadly communal clashes first broke out in Myanmar's Rakhine State, tens of thousands of people are still unable to access urgently needed medical care. We're calling on government authorities and community leaders to ensure that all people of Rakhine can live without fear of violence, abuse, and harassment, and that humanitarian organizations can assist those most in need.;h=aAQEtmMAG&amp;s=1 " class="">
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