Helping Syrian wounded and victims of violence in Africa - MSF scrapbook #22

Welcome to the weekly round-up of MSF news. This week, our teams have been inundated in Syria, we have been treating victims of violence across Africa and we marked the third anniversary of the Haiti earthquake.

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  1. Syria

  2. Two catastrophic events in Syria this week, a market bombing and a barrel bombing, mean our teams are working around the clock. Watch the video below for some background on our recent work in Syria.
  3. MSF Month in Focus: January 2013
  4. MSF medical staff treating patients after the airstrike in Azaz, Syria. The attack was particularly devastating as it came just two weeks after airstrikes hit the city's health facilities, making it almost impossible for medical staff to cope with an emergency on this scale. Syria 2013 © MSF.
  5. Also in the news

  6. Three years after the earthquake in Haiti, healthcare systems are still found wanting. Violence has broken out in several places in Africa: the conflict has escalated in Mali, rapes are being reported in the DRC and inter-communal violence continues in Kenya.
  7. Today marks three years since the devastating earthquake struck Haiti. At Chatuley, one of the four hospitals built to replace the temporary structures set up immediately after the earthquake, mum Linda hold her premature baby girl. Haiti 2012 © Emilie Régnier
  8. On the blogs

  9. Meet Emma and Emily, a nurse and a doctor from the UK who are blogging for us from Uzbekistan and South Sudan respectively. Warning: you may find it very hard to stop reading once you start.
  10. Intense training, manoeuvring with a 50kg backpack and an MSF version of 'I Will Survive'. Emily blogs about MSF's pre-mission training course. Please leave your questions and comments for Emily below her blog post." class="">
  11. Meet British nurse Emma who has just started her first MSF mission in South Sudan, working with outpatients, childhood immunisation and community outreach programmes. Please leave your questions and comments for Emma below her blog post. " class="">
  12. "We are united by our determination to both tackle TB and to dance badly. It' bonkers but brilliant and London may well look downright boring after Nukus, the new centre of the social universe." British doctor Emily arrives in Uzbekistan and gets to grips with tackling TB. Please leave your comments and questions in the comments box below Emily's blog post. " class="">
  13. You are a wonderful person wishes of goodness and good health to you, keep yourself safe.
  14. Good luck Emily, you a human with a big heart........