There are more emergencies than headlines. Philippines and beyond - MSF Weekly Scrapbook #53

After our rapid response to the crisis, sending hundreds of tonnes of aid and over 160 staff, MSF is now treating patients in several hospitals and clinics. Our missions in CAR and Syria are also expanding to help refugees fleeing violence. And a great night of music has raised vital funds.


  1. In the news

  2. Philippines Typhoon Response
  3. As the logistics situation improves in the Philippines, health centres have been set up in some of the worst affected towns and cities. In Tacloban, where Bethany hospital was rendered completely unusable by the storm, we have set up an inflatable hospital to help people cut off from medical care.
  4. We've also set up a clinic in the town of Tanauan, a small town of 55,000 people south of Tacloban. Estimates suggest that nearly 95% of the buildings in this town were destroyed.
  5. MSF Mobile Clinics Bring Healthcare to Survivors of the Philippine Typhoon
  6. In Guiuan we have also set up a medical unit, which saw its first baby being delivered on Tuesday 19th .
  7. Guiuan was one of the hardest hit regions of the central Philippines and MSF has been providing healthcare due to the destruction of the cities hospital.
  8. More aid on its way to the Philippines to supply our new health centres.
  9. The mental stress that Typhoon Haiyan placed on the people pf the Philippines means that it is imperative people are provided with psychological support so that they can move on from the event and live a normal, happy life afterwards.
  10. Syria
  11. This week saw the opening of a new hospital in Jordan to provide support for refugees fleeing the violence in Syria.
  12. Natalie Roberts, having returned from her second mission in Syria, explains the difficulties of providing impartial healthcare in a country ravaged by armed conflict.