Central African Republic - MSF's response to #CARcrisis

The Central African Republic (CAR), a country of 4.6 million people, has descended into ethnic conflict. Violence between Muslim and Christian militias has killed countless numbers of people, injured injured thousands and displaced nearly a million.

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  1. MSF has been providing access to healthcare in CAR since 1997 and is currently treating over 400,000 patients all over the country.
  2. MSF is working in seven hospitals, two medical centres and 40 medical posts. We have more than 100 expatriate staff and 1,100 local staff employed around these sites. Due to the crisis we are expanding our operations with three new clinics to open up in the countryside, and another two in the Mpoko camp located in Bangui's airport
  3. MSF has been treating a growing number of wounds caused by gunshots and knives, due to the increasing violence between Christian and Muslim militias. Widespread looting and reprisal attacks has also left many civilians dead or injured.
  4. The country's healthcare system cannot cope with the amount of people seeking assistance. In the capital, Bangui, there are more patients than beds.
  5. MSF teams have witnessed a great deal of this violence, even within the hospitals they work in. In the Mpoko airport camp two days of shooting near the MSF clinic lead to two children being killed and 40 wounded.
  6. The situation for those fleeing the violence is deplorable. Many people have crammed themselves into local monasteries, fearing violence if they return to their homes. The Mpoko camp at the capital's airport now has more than 500,000 people camping there, with many more expected to arrive.
  7. In this unsanitary and crowded environment measles becomes a serious risk to children. We have been working flat out to vaccinate children against this disease.
  8. Many people have also fled to neighboring countries, which puts a greater strain on resources there as well.
  9. Due to the huge humanitarian need of the hundreds of thousands of displaced people, MSF wrote an open letter to the UN and its associate organisations, demanding that they - as one of the worlds largest humanitarian groups - increase their operations in the country.