ePatient Community 4 a Better #firstMRI Experience

With nearly 2 million MRI scans failing every year due to claustrophobia & anxiety, we'd hope improving the patient experience would be a top priority. And a brief industry review (included) finds it appears to be. So why is it negative experiences, as Xeni & the e-patient community bring to light, continue to occur, & how can we work together to eliminate these?


  1. From Bad to Good: How it all began:
  2. What went wrong?
  3. E-Patient Community goes to work to create a better #firstMRI #LetPatientsHelp
  4. Is there a better way to prepare patients for what an MRI will sound & feel like?
  5. Corrected MRI sounds link below:
  6. And in just a few hours..
  7. The work continues:
  8. A better 2nd MRI with experience, better care, earplugs, better MRI design and a friend: