Chemical Health among Youth with Incarcerated Parents in Minnesota

A forum hosted on May 12, 2015 by the Strengthening Families Affected by Incarceration Collaborative


  1. On May 12, we gathered to learn about new research on the effects of parental incarceration on youth.
  2. Incarceration of parents has a strong impact on youth. The data reveal just how far the impacts reach.
  3. We held the forum at Wilder Center in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
  4. Guests included teachers, executive directors, corrections officials, youth workers, nonprofit program staff, state agency staff, researchers, and others dedicated to understanding how incarceration affects Minnesota families.
  5. MNSFAI, a collaborative of partners across the state, hosted the forum. Find out more about how SFAI is striving to strengthen Minnesota families.
  6. At the forum, we heard from researchers, corrections staff, a school administrator, and people who experienced incarceration and chemical challenges firsthand.

  7. Welcome

  8. Julie Atella, research scientist at Wilder Research, welcomed us to the forum. Wilder Research assisted with analysis of the 2013 Minnesota Student Survey to understand how parental incarceration affects students.
  9. Wilder Research summarized the findings in an infographic (direct link to PDF download).
  10. Learn more about the role of Wilder Research in the SFAI collaborative.
  11. The research

  12. Rebecca Shlafer, assistant professor at the University of Minnesota, shared more about the findings from analysis of the 2013 Minnesota Student Survey.
  13. Chemical Health Among Youth with Incarcerated Parents - Julie Atella & Rebecca Shlafer