Penny Arcade's Gabe is Willfully Ignorant (Again)

It's not his ignorance that drives me insane. It's the way he clings to it as though to even consider learning something might cause his head to implode.


  1. And this sums it up nicely:
  2. Here's an update (what I like to call a fauxpology--one that makes other people responsible for the offense--but it's something).
  3. Update 6/20: Yes, Gabe admits to being ignorant above and some people think that's worth something. I disagree, because look:
  4. I've been leaving out the other side of the conversation for brevity, but I'm including some context on this one:
  5. Ignorance isn't smart, it isn't cool, and it isn't funny. Ignorance that promotes bigotry is harmful. It is past time Gabe and Penny Arcade learned that and acknowledged that they've been part of the problem. It's past time members of the games industry held them accountable.