The Kitten Setting: An Experiment

Recently a friend told me about the Kitten Setting: a method for dealing with trolls on the Internet. I've been dying to try it out. Below is my first attempt at employing the Kitten Setting. For SCIENCE.


  1. John Scalzi wrote about the Kitten Setting on Whatever, crediting @thebloggess with developing the method:
  2. Part I: FUN!
    Today (3/2/2013) this tweet went by, and I saw my chance to employ the Kitten Setting against a prime piece of MRA troll shit:
  3. Pia was doing fine handling him her way, so I would happily have dropped it...
  4.  ...but of course, he came after me next:
  5. Meanwhile, I tweeted a bit about trolls, MRAs, and the Kitten Setting.