Freedom of Press

What Is It


  1. What is Freedom of press?
  2. Freedom of the Press allows the press to write about anything they wish to. This includes opinions on the government, celebrities, or companies actions. They can express this through news papers, magazines, documentaries, television, or any other form of media.
  3. Limitations
  4. If the media writes false or untrue information about an individual or a company, those people (person) can sue the media. Though, it has to be the media station or group that that wrote or said the false statement. No where in the Constitution does it state the media cannot write false statements.
  5. Important Court Cases
  6. Near V. Minnesota (1931)
  7. Jay Near published a scandal sheet in a Minneapolis news paper. It proclaimed that some Minneapolis official were involved with gangsters. Minnesota official wanted to stop Near form publishing this scandal sheet. It very much questioned the First Amendment, and made it all the way to supreme court. There it was voted in favor of Near. This case supported that the news can write what they want about elected officials
  8. New York Times V. Sullivan (1964)
  9. L.B. Sullivan a city commissioner saw a full page advertisement in the New York Times for the arrest of Martin Luther King Jr. This ad. was placed to stop the integration of public buildings, and also to stop African Americans from voting. The defense claimed that the ad. was truthful, but there were some false information. After it was all said and done, the U.S Supreme Court ruled for the New York Times 9 to 0.
  10. New York Times V. U.S. (1971)
  11. The New York Times got their hands on classified information on the Vietnam War from the Classified Defense Department. President Nixon did not want that information to become accessible to the public, so his administration and he created a case against it. Nixon lost 6 to 3 votes by the United States Supreme Court.
  12. Each of these court cases goes to show that Freedom of Press is a very powerful Amendment. The press can write anything they want about anyone, and we cannot take that away after all it is their right.
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