#SMWinstagram - from far away

Even though you were not able to attend the event, you don't want to miss this!


  1. I was not able to attend todays event on Instagram. What I did was reading all the tweets live from the event. And that's why I love Twitter, it feels like you are attending even though you are not.
  2. One hour to go. Morten Nordstrøm is freelance photographer and the speaker at the this morning's event on the status of Instagram in Danmark (along with Stefan Bøgh-Andersen owner of Overskrift.dk)
  3. Almost about to get started - on top of the city.
  4. People are seated and ready for some action! Amazing, they serve coffee and bread.
  5. So how is it with the Danes on Instagram? Overskrift.dk monitored 50.000 Danes on Instagram in 2014. They are posting aroung 20-22 pictures a year and we don't like the use of hashtags that much, we only use 2-3 hashtags when posting pictures.
  6. Top 10 hashtags? Here you go! Seems like everybody loves to be happy in Denmark.
  7. And everybody loves to prove it too.
  8. Well, so far so good. But tell me, I want to know when to post during the week.
  9. And at what time?
  10. Now I am almost ready. But who am I going to compete with? I want to be the greatest.