SMEM Chat July 13, 2013

From social media hearings on capital hill to a tornado striking LA filled with sharks, this week was quite interesting to say the least.


  1. Special thanks to @SusanWBrooks for continuing to put the spotlight on social media and emergency management.  I haven't heard if she joined in on the #sharknado fun, but we appreciate her calling two sub-committee hearings on the subject of social media and emergency management on capital hill!
  2. On Thursday, July 11 the SyFy network released a new, very campy movie called Sharknado which threatened the west coast with a massive storm that scooped up carnivorous sharks.  At least that is what I understand the plot to be as I was on the West Coast watching all those East Coasters have fun with the poor acting, bad plot, and disaster preparedness myths that abound during the movie.  I felt like I knew so much of the storyline it really wasn't necessary to watch without risk of losing another 2 hours of my life to #Sharknado.  The @RedCross lead a preparedness exercise using #Sharknado as an opportunity to practice following social media and inject some humor in preparedness messaging.  
  3. Just in case you were wondering, however, I was able to stay with the theme and have seafood for dinner.  No over/under bets here.
  4. There was also a real incident in 1970 that involved sea creatures and explosives.  So I got a slightly twisted sense of humor towards the end of the #Sharknado run, but it certainly was a hoot!
  5. FUN FACT:  Did you know that @sct_r and @maryjofly used to work for the same person, Micahel Philips, who produced Close Encounters of the Third Kind with Richard Dreyfuss who was in Jaws?  Yep!  Using 6 Degrees of Separation, You have Shark Talent in your very own #smem group!
  6. The celebrity Sharknado rantings were particularly humorous. 
  7. Ok, enough Sharknado recaps, now for the actual Chat, which of course ended up being about Sharknado, preparedness messaging and so much more!
  8. Checking in with local weather