MIT Sloan Reunion Weekend 2013

We welcomed over 1,200 alumni and their guests back to campus June 6-9, 2013 for a weekend filled with events, learning opportunities, and just plain FUN. In case you missed our social media coverage, here is a sample of the weekend from out Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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  1. Preparations were finalized the week before, as the staff of the Office of External Relations stuffed bags in anticipation of the arrival of our alumni!
  2. The Office of External Relations is getting ...
  3. All that preparation lead to the arrival of our first official check-in on Thursday morning!
  4. And of course, our pal Sloanie Tim had to welcome the group as well!
  5. We kept our alumni informed with these handy cards, so they could keep up with all the happenings on our social media accounts.
  6. First family-fun activity of the weekend was a Duck Tour!
  7. Day two featured lots of great presentations!
  8. Not able to make it to rainy Cambridge for ...
  9. One of our alumni had this to share from the Career Workshop: Positioning Yourself Using a Strengths-Based Framework led by Jackie Wilbur, Executive Director, Undergraduate and Master's Programs
  10. John Akula gave an Executive Education Workshop on Social Media @ Work
  11. The Alumni Entrepreneur Workshop: The Reality Behind the Dream was a popular one!