Feeding the World without Consuming the Planet

On November 5th, the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change brought together experts from academia and industry to share their perspectives and gain a better understanding of how research can address global resource challenges.

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  1. Read a story from Cargill about the event
  2. Watch the video of the first session: Climate–Food–Water–Energy Nexus: Research and Industry Perspectives
  3. MIT Vice President Claude Canizares joined Joint Program on Global Change Co-Director Ron Prinn in opening the event. He highlighted MIT’s dedication to expanding research on agriculture. He also emphasized the Institute’s long history of forming industry collaborations to confront the world’s greatest challenges. 

  4. Professor Claude Canizares, MIT
  5. Professor Ronald Prinn, Co-Director of the Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change
  6. Cargill Vice Chairman Paul Conway also gave opening remarks outlining the challenges of increased food consumption, accelerating urbanization, demands for biofuels and variability in climate. 

  7. Paul Conway, Cargill, Inc.
  8. Paul Conway, Cargill, Inc.
  9. Agricultural Resources and Inputs


    Joint Program Co-Director John Reilly kicked off the first session of the event with an overview of MIT’s work on modeling water stress, resource demands, variability in temperature and precipitation patterns, and the economic impacts of climate change on food prices.  

  10. Watch the video of the second session here: