#citychat No. 7 : Post-disaster Planning

On Thursday, November 15th @MITCoLab hosted a twitter chat about post-disaster planning and humanitarian action with the help of @alisonkilling and @katzncrawf. This chat will inform the (re)constructing the city event on November 30th, 2012.


  1. Welcome to #citychat and chat instructions: 

  2. #citychat No. 7 : Post-disaster Planning
    #citychat No. 7 : Post-disaster Planning
  3. Participants discussed 5 questions during the chat: 

    Q1) What role should humanitarian organizations play after a disaster? What role should city planners play? 

    Q2) Is there a tension between targeting vulnerable individuals and the public good and, if so, how can it be reconciled? 

    Q3) What happens if the local government - that usually decides on standards or gives approvals - has no capacity? 

    Q4) Govt + humanitarian bureaucracies tend to organise in sectors. Does this fit with day-to-day life or making future city plans? 

    Q5) How significant is humanitarian action in reconstructing the city  compared to the contributions of others?