IIAG and Ibrahim Prize Launch Day 2013

Today, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation launched the 2013 Ibrahim Index of African Governance and announces the result of this year's Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership. Add your voice to the conversation by getting in touch with MIF either on Facebook or on Twitter.


  1. With the results of this year's IIAG and Ibrahim Prize released, we will keep you updated throughout the day with photos and audio from MIF Board Members and Prize Committee Members. Please join in the conversation on Twitter at @Mo_IbrahimFdn or on Facebook!
  2. 11:45am – After announcing that there is no winner of this year's Ibrahim Prize, the Prize Committee took questions. (Mo, who is not involved with the Prize Committee, and MIF Board Members, who are unaffiliated with the decision, also gave their thoughts.) Find their answers below:
  3. 11:15am – There is no winner of the Ibrahim Prize this year, announces Ibrahim Prize Committee Chair Salim Ahmed Salim.
  4. 11:00am – MIF's Board Members took questions from the audience and from the live stream. Find their answers below:
  5. 10:30am – The 2013 IIAG is now out! Check out the full results and explore the data on the MIF website.

    These are Mo Ibrahim's thoughts about this year's Index:
    "The findings highlight widespread improvements across the continent since the turn of the century. They show that 94 percent of people living in Africa now live in a country that has demonstrated overall governance improvement since 2000. Eighteen out of the 52 countries analysed saw their best ever performance in this year's IIAG. But these figures, of course, also reveal the challenges of sustaining progress and underline that an equitable allocation of resources must be a priority for policy and decision makers."
                               -Read Mo's full thoughts in the 2013 Summary Report