#AskACurator Day @burgposterstein 2013

September 18th 2013: Under the hashtag #AskACurator Twitter users can ask curators of nearly 600 museums in 35 countries questions on their exhibitions. Museum Burg Posterstein in middle Germany is one of them.


  1.  At Museum Burg Posterstein / Posterstein Castle (Twitter: @burgposterstein) both the museum's director and me (who curated the exhibition "Wehrhaft - Wohnhaft - Haft" on the function of the keep at a medieval castle in 2012) will answer questions. Here I want to collect tweets on the subject. Our personal hashtag: #AskACurator #P.

  2. In Germany, 23 museums are taking part:
  3. Posterstein castle houses a museum for local history. Right now it shows a special exhibition on 200 years Battle of Leipzig with a collection of Napoleon caricatures. Other important subjects are the local history and the history of the cultural salon of the Duchess Anna Dorothea of Courland in the castle in Löbichau, close to Posterstein.
  4. Then the first questions popped up in the time-line - and they all were interesting: