Maternal Health Focus in Days 2 and 3 of WD2013


  1.  Jacque Caglia celebrates MHTF's arrival at WD2013, and the chance to listen, learn and share information about maternal health with thousands from around the world
  2. One of the many inspiring reminders of why we are at WD2013
  3. Inspiring words from Women & Health Initiative Director Ana Langer, when she reminded us in the conference that "too often women's voices are silenced, ignored, or reported only second hand. Women must be given the platform and power to shape their own futures."
  4. One of the many panels MHTF attended was the "Ending Violence Against Women", where Shereen El-Feki moderated a thought-provoking discussion. Highlights below:
  5. Back outside the sessions, WD2013 gives those from around the world an opportunity to come together and exchange information.

  6. And see very realistic demonstrations!