#FakeMeds Campaign

Social media coverage of the Medicines and healthcare products Regulatory Agency's FakeMeds Campaign.


  1. On 17 August the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) launched the FakeMeds campaign #FakeMeds
  2. FakeMeds is a campaign aimed at educating young adults about the dangers of buying fake and unlicensed medical products online. Its initial focus is on dodgy diet pills.
  3. We put out a little summer-themed content for holidaymakers...
  4. Which led to some nice comments. Thanks guys!
  5. 18-30 women are the most likely group to buy dodgy diet pills. Unfortunately, many do little or no research into what they're taking, or where it comes from.
  6. We worked with the producers of ITV's Coronation Street on a story-line which saw one of their central characters, Bethany Platt, buying unlicensed diet pills online.
  7. Our research found that just 10% of young people are aware of the meaning of the distance selling logo.

    This logo must be displayed on every webpage that sells licensed medicinal products legitimately in the UK, including third party marketplace sites.
  8. But most young people look to other methods to decide whether they trust what they buy. Why not read our eight tips for buying safely?
  9. MHRA have closed down nearly 5,000 websites this year alone and seized nearly 400,000 doses of fake and unlicensed diet pills containing substances such as Sibutramine – not licensed for use in the UK due to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

    Our message is clear - dodgy diet pills can cause nasty side effects.