Year in Review: MFA Ukraine Social Media Highlights 2015

We offer you a look back at 2015 on social media of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.


  1. Over the last year the Ministry has enhanced its online activity: currently nearly 100 Ukrainian diplomatic missions are on Facebook and Twitter. According to Twiplomacy the @MFA_Ukraine account is the fifth most active Twitter among all world leaders. Pavlo Klimkin held the first ever in Ukrainian civil service Twitter-Interview and a meeting with his Twitter followers.
  2. We are grateful to all our followers and readers for support and contributions during this year. We look forward to strengthening our cooperation in 2016.
  3. Do you remember how the new year started for you? Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin started 2015 with Normandy-format phone talks in order to stop Russian aggression and bring back peace to Ukraine.
  4. On February 12, after 18 hours of difficult negotiations, the Package of Measures for the Implementation of the Minsk Agreements was signed in Minsk.
  5. Till the end of 2015, the Minsk Agreements have not been fully implemented due to the blatant ceasefire violations and ongoing provocations of Russian terrorist forces as well as non-adherence of the Russian Federation to the provisions of the Agreements.
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  7. At the beginning of 2015, Russia and its proxies committed a number of hideous terrorist acts:
  8. Shelling of the Mariupol city with Grad and Uragan rockets:
  9. Shelling of the town of Kramatorsk with MLRS Tornado:
  10. During 2015 Ukrainian diplomats presented to the world indisputable evidence of Russian military aggression against Ukraine.
  11. Since the very beginning of 2015, Russia pursued its insolent policy of human rights abuses in the occupied Crimea. Ukrainian diplomatic service worked in every single international organization in order to reflect in respective reports and documents the grave situation in the sphere of human rights in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.